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About Kargbo Medical Uniform

We take pride in our reputation and position in the world of professional uniforms and scrubs. For more than Ten years, the name Kargbo Medical Uniform® has meant: style, quality and above all, customer satisfaction.

Since its inception in 2006, Kargbo Medical Uniform has grown from having a single Southern California Uniform store to operating 2 Scrubs stores in key cities across the U.S.

In 2006, our company began Retailing for major brands lines of Scrubs®. Since then, we have continued to upgrade our  Scrubs® line to several more unique medical uniform brands to cater to each of our customer's needs and preferences. The Kargbo Medical Uniforms Scrubs®, cherokee Scrubs®, Greys Anatomy Scrubs®, Barco scrubs, Koi Scrubs, Wink Scrubs, Maevn Scrubs And other brands have become "standards" for medical uniforms & nursing uniforms.

Since adding a medical scrubs catalog in 2006 and a website in 2010, we continue to provide our style, quality and customer satisfaction to a progressively larger market both nationally and, more recently, globally.

In the competitive world of medical uniforms, our name is synonymous with fine quality combined with favorable pricing in both our retail business ventures and web-based platform.

No matter what your industry, Kargbo Medical Uniform provides quality made uniforms at a competitively lower price. In addition, you will receive the customer care and easy purchasing you need in order tomaximize your uniform wardrobe and look your professional best